Allison Abate

Allison A

Emergency & Critical Care Assistant

Allow us to present to you Allison, a proud native of Philadelphia originating from the Roxborough area. What truly captivates Allison about her beloved city is the remarkable diversity that exists among its inhabitants, encompassing various people, cultures, and backgrounds. At the age of 19, an extraordinary event occurred in Allison's life when her pet rabbits gave birth to a litter of adorable babies. It was through actively participating in the birthing process and diligently caring for the baby rabbits that Allison's passion for veterinary medicine was truly ignited. Fueled by this newfound spark, Allison made the decision to devote her time to volunteering at the SPCA. During her tenure there, she wholeheartedly assisted the resident canines, placing a particular emphasis on providing additional attention and care to those who initially displayed apprehension or uncertainty towards humans. Her goal was to reassure these animals that they were now in a safe and secure environment.
Currently, Allison is pursuing her Bachelor's degree and eagerly anticipates graduating from Rider University in May 2024. Simultaneously, she is in the midst of applying to various veterinary schools, as she is thrilled to embark on her journey toward becoming a veterinarian. Naturally, she finds immense joy in assisting her animal patients and providing them with both medical and emotional support during their visits to the hospital. Moreover, Allison takes great pride in offering crucial information to families regarding the well-being of their beloved furry companions, ensuring they feel emotionally supported throughout the challenging moments that often accompany hospital visits.
What's more, Allison revels in the medicinal side of veterinary medicine, especially relishing the hands-on experience she gains while encountering a diverse range of cases and conditions at an emergency and specialty hospital. When Allison is not tending to her patients at the hospital, you can often find her venturing outdoors, delighting in the fresh air and embarking on thrilling adventures through hiking expeditions in search of wildlife. In the comfort of her own home, Allison shares her space with 4 delightful creatures. Tigger, her playful and vocal cat, has been a loyal companion for one year. Jack, her 8 years young feline who you will find either sleeping or messing with Tiger. Allisons best friend Bella, a 11-year-old black lab mix who loves tennis balls almost as much as Allison. Additionally, she has recently welcomed Waffles, a charming three-month-old Rhinoceros Iguana, into her household. Waffles spends his days leisurely basking and lounging in his hammock, finding pure contentment in his reptilian existence.

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