Allison Abate

Allison A

Emergency & Critical Care Assistant

Allison, a proud native of Philadelphia, is currently pursuing her academic journey at Rider University, where she is enrolled in the Health Science program. With a clear focus on her pre-veterinarian track, she is simultaneously in the process of applying to veterinary schools, driven by her unwavering passion for animal care.

Over the past five years, Allison has discovered a deep affection for exotic and wildlife creatures. Her dedication has led her to foster and raise bunnies, including American mix and Lionheads, further nurturing her expertise and commitment to animal welfare. In her leisure time, she generously volunteers at the local SPCA, relishing the opportunity to work with a diverse range of animals. She holds a special place in her heart for rescues that have emerged from toxic home environments, requiring dedicated rehabilitation and specialized care.

At her own residence, Allison shares her life with an endearing menagerie of pets. Winter and Madhatter, two lively bunnies, are known for their playful antics, occasionally escaping to frolic around the house. Her feline companions include Jack and Tiger, each possessing their unique personalities. Jack has a penchant for escaping to explore the great outdoors, while Tiger stands out as the most talkative cat Allison has ever encountered. Completing her cherished animal family is Bella, a pointer lab mix who adores chasing balls and sneaking into Allison's room at night for some comforting cuddles. Allison's life is a testament to her enduring love for all creatures great and small, both in her academic pursuits and her everyday interactions with her beloved pets.

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