Outpatient Ultrasounds

Outpatient ultrasound appointments are available with a referral from your pet’s primary care veterinarian. Outpatient ultrasounds are performed by our board-certified veterinary radiologist, Dr. Adam Yoskowitz.

PASE offers appointments for outpatient ultrasounds Monday - Friday.
We often have same-day availability! Please call PASE (267.727.3738) for same-day options.

What is an outpatient ultrasound?

  • An outpatient ultrasound (OPUS) is a diagnostic tool your veterinarian can use to help diagnose a variety of diseases. Outpatient ultrasound appointments are for the diagnostic ultrasound only and do not include a consultation with a doctor. The results of the ultrasound will be sent directly to your veterinarian who will review the results and go over finding with you.

How do I schedule an outpatient ultrasound appointment?

  • Appointments are only available by referral from your primary care veterinarian. Please have your veterinarian contact the PASE diagnostic imaging service or fill out a referral form. Once we discuss the case with your veterinarian, the diagnostic imaging team will contact you to schedule an appointment.

What to do before the appointment:

  • Please do NOT provide any food to your pet for 8 hours prior to your appointment, unless otherwise advised. Food can limit the ability of the radiologist to evaluate some organs. Drinking water is okay. Owners of diabetic or pediatric patients should call ahead to discuss fasting.

  • You may be asked by your veterinarian to give your pet oral medication prior to the ultrasound to keep them calm.

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your pet's scheduled appointment.

What to expect on the day of your appointment:

  • The ultrasound may take up to 1 hour from the time of your appointment. PASE is an active emergency room, and rarely emergency procedures may delay outpatient ultrasounds.

  • The fur on your pet's abdomen will be clipped.

  • If we determine that your pet needs sedation for the ultrasound, someone will discuss this with you directly and receive approval for you before moving forward. This will incur additional fees.

  • Any additional procedures (e.g. fine needle aspirates, biopsy) would require a complete veterinary evaluation and would be discussed with you and your primary care veterinarian. Additional procedures would incur additional fees.

What to expect after the appointment:

  • Results of the ultrasound will be sent to your primary care veterinarian for review immediately following the procedure.

  • If any emergent issues are identified, you will be notified immediately.

  • Your pet's abdomen will be shaved for the procedure.

Refer an Outpatient Ultrasound

Dr. Adam Yoskowitz, VMD, DACVR
Head of Diagnostic Imaging
Jordan Corkery
Lead Diagnostic Imaging Technician

Victor Llamas
Diagnostic Imaging Technician

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