Internal Medicine

PASE’s Internal Medicine department works alongside patients with difficult to manage diseases and diagnoses. Our Internal Medicine doctors (also called internists) help patients with difficult to manage diseases and are highly trained to use their expertise to guide individualized long-term care. PASE internists understand the complex interactions between many organ systems and diseases, including conditions affecting the stomach and intestinal tract, kidneys, liver, lungs, heart, blood, pancreas (including diabetes and pancreatitis), endocrine (hormonal - including thyroid and adrenal glands), and the immune system. Our doctors will discuss combining testing already completed by your primary care veterinarian or the emergency room doctor with additional diagnostics based on their evaluation of your pet.

Oftentimes, the PASE Internal Medicine team will discuss blood work (general health profiles, infectious disease testing, endocrine testing for hormonal disorders, etc.), advanced diagnostics and imaging techniques, and much more. We may recommend additional diagnostics such as imaging studies including ultrasound (i.e. sonogram - using sound waves to evaluate tissues/organs in a minimally invasive manner), echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart), endoscopy (using a small, often flexible instrument with a camera to evaluate internal organs and guide biopsy without incisions), computed tomography (3-dimensional x-ray images) and fluoroscopy (real-time x-rays to acquire moving images).

Coordinating tests and providing the best treatment often requires collaboration with other PASE specialists to provide the highest caliber of care. Therefore, a team-oriented personality is key to a successful internist. Given the long-standing relationships, our internists will make with your pets, getting the PASE internal medicine team involved with the care of your pet is very important from the early stages of any serious or complicated disease. Ultimately, a significant portion of our job is to align and work with primary care physicians to partner for the best long-term care.


Ask your primary care veterinarian about referrals to PASE’s Internal Medicine services.

Dr. Kristin Heft, DVM, DACVIM
Internal Medicine Doctor
Kimberly Vargas, CVT
Internal Medicine Clinical Manager
Allison Shepherd
Internal Medicine Technician
Dana Hinderliter
Internal Medicine Technician
Marcus Ramos
Internal Medicine Assistant
Rachel Esposito, CVT
Internal Medicine Technician
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