Andrea Duld, CVT

Emergency and Critical Care Technician
Andrea, a native of Philadelphia but raised in Buxcount, has always had a strong affinity for animals. Even as a child, she gravitated towards playing with My Little Ponies and stuffed animals instead of Barbies or dolls, a clear indicator of her innate passion for caring for creatures. During her teenage years, Andrea discovered her love for horses and enjoyed nothing more than the bond she formed with them as they embarked on solitary adventures in the beauty of nature.

In 2006, Andrea embarked on her first job in the field of Veterinary Medicine at a general practice. It was at this moment that she experienced an undeniable epiphany - Vet Med was undeniably her true calling. Andrea relishes the joy of witnessing her furry patients recover and return home, but she also finds immense satisfaction in the diagnostic process. She thrives on unraveling the mystery of her patients' conditions and devising the optimal treatment plans for them - a true detective in the realm of animal healthcare.

Beyond the confines of her workplace, Andrea extends her passion for saving lives by serving as a foster for Cat's Bridge to Rescue. This invaluable role allows her to not only save the lives of precious kittens but also complete families who will cherish and care for them. Additionally, Andrea finds great pleasure in embarking on adventures with her beloved Boston Terrier mix, Stella. Andrea also loves going on adventures with her best friend exploring scenic parks or embarking on epic cross-country road trips.

One of her most memorable road trips took her all the way to California, where Andrea had the extraordinary opportunity to kayak with sea lions. Furthermore, Andrea actively participates in local car shows, showcasing her appreciation for everything from antique cars to muscle cars. Additionally, she has a keen interest in mixed martial arts, particularly Krav Maga. This form of self-defense empowers women to embrace their inner strength, eliminating the need for external support or reliance.
At home, Andrea is joined by her two cats, Mimi and Naomi. While they may not offer the most exemplary support system due to Andrea's passion for fostering kittens, they are nonetheless beloved members of the household. Miss Stella, Andrea's faithful Boston Terrier mix, accompanies her on adventures and fulfills the role of the ultimate foster mom for any precious kitten that finds its way into their home.

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