Colleen Kennedy

Colleen Kennedy

Emergency & Critical Care Technician

Colleen has been helping take care of animals in the veterinary field for years. She has worked in shelter medicine, general practice, and with wildlife. Throughout her years Colleen has found her passion in providing high level nurse care in an emergency and critical care environment. Colleen loves the challenge of an ever-changing environment and never knowing what the day will bring. Colleen is also extremely passionate about the human/animal bond and believes in providing compassionate care for both ends of the leash.

Colleen prides herself on not only being a advocate for her patients to make sure they receive the highest quality of care but also an advocate for owners and improving communication and empathy for them during difficult situations that arise in emergency and critical care settings.

Outside of work you can find Colleen being very active in several rescue organizations in the Philly area. She has helped create rescue protocols and provides training for other fosters in neonatal care. When Colleen is not saving
animals, she may be outside camping and enjoying a book, cooking in the kitchen, or tabletop gaming.

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