Jamie Wooten

Jamie Wooten

Emergency & Critical Care Technicain

Jamie goes by many nicknames including James. Jamie's pronouns are she/he and her/him. Jamie has been in the veterinary field for 3 years now and falls in love with the field more and more every day. Animals have been their passion throughout their entire life. It took a long time for Jamie to figure out what they wanted to do, but since the day it clicked, Jamie says, "I've never been happier to come to work!" Jamie has worked with cats and cats, and has done some avian & farm animal work.

When Jamie is not at work, they are working on their prerequisites to apply to vet school for the class of 2025! Outside of Jamie's animal world, they are a creative being who is currently working on a series of sculptures for movie villians. Jamie says that their only rule is, "when doing them is I have to had seen them in a movie before I sculpt them. So far I have done Voldemort,Thanos, Pennywise, Miss Ernst and Jack Nicholson from The Shining."

One of Jamie's goals when they become a veterinarian is to specialize in exotics/pocket pets along with cats and dogs. Jamie wants to help educate as many people as they can advocating for all animals.

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