Manoucheka Manny Joselin

Laura Greever, CVT

Surgery Technician

Manny was born in the Brooklyn and raised in Philly. Growing up she wasn't able to have a pet, and was always interested in the neighborhood cats, feeding them and even giving them names. Manny did some volunteering and worked at a pet store just to be around animals. It was during this period that she realized her passion for caring for animals. In 2015, Manny decided to volunteer at a veterinary general practice, which further sparked her enthusiasm. While in school to become a veterinary technician Manny worked as a veterinary assistant at a local specialty and emergency hospital. She successfully completed her education at Harcum in 2019 and proceeded to take the necessary national exam to become a Certified Veterinary Technician, commonly known as a CVT.

After finishing her studies, Manny continued her journey at the veterinary specialty and emergency hospital she worked at while in school. Manny quickly realized that she thrives on the unpredictability of each day, never knowing what new cases will come through the doors. She especially enjoys the challenging and complex cases that allow her to continuously expand her knowledge. Manny joined the PASE surgery team in 2023. Among all the procedures she performs, Manny has a particular fondness for soft tissue surgeries due to the unique nature of each case. The aspect she treasures most about surgical work is the requirement for independent thinking, as no two cases are ever alike.
Outside of her professional life, Manny finds solace in spending quality time with her family and friends. She cherishes moments of relaxation by indulging in reading and savoring delicious food. At home, Manny is blessed with two beloved pets. First, there is Mack, a rescue dog from the Bahamas, who may have a nervous disposition but adores human company. The second is Casey, her calico cat. Unlike typical calicos, Casey stands out with her sweet, loving, and highly affectionate nature.

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