Mariah Stewart

Mariah Stewart

Emergency & Critical Care Assistant​​​​​​​

Mariah has 20 years of experience with domestic and exotic animals. She has experience petsitting, volunteering, fostering, and working in animal shelters, animal training, and research. She volunteered locally at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center training dogs in urban search and rescue, physical conditioning, and collecting data to further their research.

In her previous career as a research scientist in biotech, Mariah studied taste and taste receptors: training rats (and later, humans) to become skilled taste testers. She also co-authored a pharmacology journal article about her research in high throughput taste evaluation.

Mariah graduated from Wake Forest University with degrees in Psychology and Anthropology. She is enrolled in Penn Foster's online program in veterinary technology and plans to apply to graduate programs in animal behavior and welfare in the future.

Mariah has 2 cats (Figaro and Cleo) and a Leopard Gecko (Salt). She and her boyfriend hope to add a dog to the family soon! In her free time, she enjoys collecting exotic plants and printmaking. She is also a certified Master Herpetologist.

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