Rachel Esposito

Internal Medicine Technician

Rachel was raised in the Poconos, and it was in this environment that her deep love and fascination for nature and wildlife took root and blossomed. Even during her elementary school days, Rachel displayed her compassionate nature by volunteering at a local shelter alongside her mother. Initially, she extended her helping hand to feline companions, but as she got older, her caring nature expanded to include dogs and the diverse wildlife around her.
In her early career, Rachel found herself working at a nearby specialty veterinary hospital, where she initially lent her expertise to the blood bank department. Later on, she ventured into the demanding realm of the Emergency Department, all while staying true to her passion for wildlife rehabilitation. Rachel's commitment to wildlife led her on an incredible journey as she traveled around the world for several years, dedicating herself to various wildlife rehabilitation centers. Of all the aspects of her work, Rachel particularly cherishes the exhilarating moment when she releases rehabilitated creatures back into their natural habitat.
Upon returning to the United States, Rachel continued her invaluable work with wildlife, focusing primarily on chimpanzees that were retired from laboratory research and the entertainment industry. Additionally, she became an integral member of the PASE internal medicine department, where she thrives on expanding her knowledge and honing her skills. Beyond providing outstanding medical care, Rachel endeavors to establish deep connections with the families of her patients, guiding them through every step of their beloved pets' healthcare journey.

Rachel has now made her home in the vibrant city of Philadelphia, where she can be found enjoying quality time with her two dogs, two cats, and her 24 year old tarantula. When she's not surrounded by her furry friends, Rachel indulges in her passion for food, exploring and savoring an array of cuisines throughout the city. She also finds great joy in scuba diving, traveling, and immersing herself in different cultures, always seeking new experiences and culinary delights.

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