Steph Siver, CVT

Steph Siver

Neurology Clinical Manager

Introducing Stephanie, a native of Bucks County, where she grew up surrounded by vast farmland that sparked her passion for horses and other equine creatures. As a young girl, Stephanie encountered a random dog with a limp, seeking her help. Discovering a thorn embedded in the dog's paw, Stephanie swiftly removed it, igniting her lifelong calling to care for animals.
Her journey in veterinary medicine commenced at the age of 15, during her initial visits to her first dog's vet. Eager to lend a helping hand, Stephanie volunteered at the clinic and then worked at the clinic as a veterinary assistant. Stephanie ascended in her career and education to become a licensed veterinary technician. While she embraces all facets of her profession, Stephanie finds the greatest joy in witnessing patients leave the clinic with newfound happiness, reuniting with their families.

Beyond her work, Stephanie relishes quality time with her husband and her partner in crime. Together, they embark on thrilling escapades, navigating rugged terrains in their trusty jeep. As ardent adventurers, they have set their sights on obtaining scuba diving certification, eager to delve into underwater explorations, a realm that Stephanie admires for its majestic sharks.
Recently settling into their new home brimming with acres of land, Stephanie and her husband share their abode with two beloved dogs. Hunter, a 7-year-old basenji, luxuriates in the sunshine, while Stark, a vivacious 5-year-old blue heeler mix, revels in frolicking across the vast backyard. Soon, their furry companions will welcome new additions to the family - goats, horses, and a cow.
When not tending to animals, partaking in exhilarating off-road jaunts, or bonding with her loved ones, Stephanie indulges in her passion for all things Disney, her heart swelled with affection for the enchanting world of magic and fairy tales.

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