Tatiyana Williams

Emergency and Critical Care Technician

Introducing Tatiyana, a genuine native of South Philly! Tatiyana's earliest memory of her passion for helping animals dates back to her childhood. She vividly recalls a moment when she was with her mother and witnessed a dog falling out of a car window, injuring its leg. Instantly, Tatiyana felt an overwhelming urge to assist and pleaded with her mother to pull over so she could lend a hand. This experience sparked her lifelong dedication to a career in veterinary medicine.

Four years ago, Tatiyana embarked on her official journey in the field of veterinary medicine at a general practice. It was during this time that she discovered her genuine enjoyment in becoming an integral part of a furry companion's family. Tatiyana thrived on ensuring that pet owners had access to the necessary resources and knowledge to maintain the happiness and well-being of their beloved pets. Additionally, she discovered a passion for dental procedures, finding great satisfaction in witnessing the instant transformation of clean teeth and the noticeable improvement it brought to the animals. Motivated to expand her knowledge and advance her career, Tatiyana made the decision to join the PASE team. Surrounded by a diverse group of specialists, she finds immense joy in the collective wisdom they share. Emergency medicine quickly became another area Tatiyana fell in love with, relishing in the unpredictability of each case and day. She also developed a profound care for hospitalized pets, ensuring they received proper treatment, comfort, and extra tender loving care throughout their stay.
Outside of her professional life, you can often find Tatiyana at the gym, spending quality time with her two sisters, indulging in brunch outings, or enthusiastically supporting the Eagles by attending their games or watching them from home.

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