VIctor Llamas

Victor Llamas

Diagnostic Imaging Technician

Victor has been in the veterinary field for a decade. Prior to his time in this industry, he was a pharmacy technician. He started as a receptionist at a small veterinary practice in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, later moving to Studio City, California where he made the switch from being a receptionist to a veterinary assistant. By making this change, he learned how to room patients, interview clients, and work with boarded pets. The knowledge and experience he gained through this experience with VMC Studio City is what lead him to working in the Internal Medicine department at LVVSC in Las Vegas under the direction of Dr. Nicole Smee. During this experience, he started learning how to properly sterilize equipment, prepare animals for procedures, taking blood samples, drafting doctor reports to be sent to the general practice doctors, calculating drug doses, CT, radiographs, proper animal restraint, and so much more. From there, he moved to Eugene, Oregon where he worked for a three-doctor practice. He became certified in radiology through the state of Oregon, learned about dental health, dental x-rays, teeth cleaning, ran diagnostic panels, assist in surgical procedures, catheter placement, and ultrasound-guided abdominocentesis for urine retrieval. He took on a variety of management-level responsbilities, training oversight, operations work, and more.

Outside of work, he enjoys to travel, scuba dive, hike, and indoor gardening. He shares his life with his husband, David, and their Rat Terrier, Max.

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