Alison Kowalski

Chyna Nellons

Emergency & Critical Care Technician

Born and raised in Wilmington Delaware, Alison has known since she could first walk and talk that she was going to end up taking care of animals. She still has an assignment from second grade that asked what she was going to be when she grew up, and she knew then and answered with “veterinarian” with a stick figure doctor drawn next to it. After high school Alison went to University of Delaware and was in the Pre-Vet program while working at her first hospital, Wilmington Animal Hospital. After graduation from University of Delaware Alison started working in a few emergency hospitals in Delaware and that is where her love for emergency medicine flourished. Her favorite part of emergency medicine is high stakes and interesting cases and being there for the owners and their pets in their time of need. Alison is currently in her second year of veterinary school at the University of Pennsylvania. After graduation she plans to follow her passion and become an emergency veterinarian.

At home Alison has a 15-year-old cat named Ellen, who is the love of her life. Alison fell in love with Ellen when she was brought into the hospital Alison was working at. Ellen came to Alison as a 10 year old barn cat, scheduled for euthanasia after Ellen's owner passed away. Alison knew right away that Ellen would be coming home. It was a tough adjustment for Ellen, and the two had some trouble getting along at the start, but before long they were attached at the hip. Alison also has Echo, a 4-year-old, 120-pound, Great Pyrenees mixed with goofy golden retriever. Alison and Echo met on Valentine’s day, while Alison was transporting him and his 7 siblings from a sheep farm in Tennessee to foster homes in Delaware.

In Alison's free time you can find her with her fur babies, traveling, going on hikes, and doing digital art like pet portraits. Recently Alison was in Thailand on a service trip to spay and neuter pets in at-risk communities. Her two favorite places that she has been to are Dublin, Ireland and Iceland. Iceland holds a special place in Alison's heart were spent 3 months as a horseback riding tour guide in the rocky highlands.

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