Amy Tennett

Emergency and Critical Care Technician

Meet Amy, a Bristol Pennsylvanian. At the tender age of seven, Amy took upon herself the responsibility of caring for her family pets. She would ensure their well-being by providing food, cleaning their ears, and addressing any other necessary needs, all in order to maintain their optimal health and appearance.

Amy's journey in the field of Veterinary Medicine commenced at Manor College, from where she successfully graduated in 2020. Subsequently, she obtained her Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT) license and began her professional endeavors at an Emergency Specialty Hospital in Pennsylvania. It was in this fast-paced environment that Amy's passion and expertise burgeoned. She discovered her true vocation in the emergency department, relishing the unique challenges presented by cases involving urinary obstructed feline patients. Witnessing the individuality of each case and observing the patients' distinct personalities shine through during their recovery process deeply gratified her.

Outside of her professional life, Amy finds solace in embarking on adventures with her dogs, indulging in captivating books, and spending quality time with her loved ones. She also possesses a passion for culinary exploration.

Within the confines of her home, Amy is accompanied by three cats: Philbert, Albert, and Oakley, alongside her two loyal canine companions, Gidget and her cherished "heart dog" Fritz. Fritz has been an inseparable part of Amy's life since 2016, offering unwavering support throughout her significant achievements and personal growth in her twenties, as well as her flourishing career.

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